What is Public Performance Licensing?

The screening of a film outside of a cinema or the home is regarded as a non-theatrical Public Performance screening.  Any person or organisation wishing to screen a film in public must get permission from the copyright owner and pay a licence fee.  A copyright owner whose rights are infringed may seek orders from a court, including financial compensation.

Roadshow Public Performance Licensing (Roadshow PPL) is your link to the copyright owners of thousands of movie titles.  Roadshow PPL negotiates licensing fees with movie studios and industry groups, and makes licensing options available to you for screening films in public.

Roadshow PPL offers the following :

  • a Blanket licence. If your industry and screening requirements qualify for a blanket licence, you can register and pay your licence fee on the Roadshow PPL website.  Start by choosing your industry type under the menu option My Business Activity.

For general information on Public Performance Licensing, take a look at the menu options under Licensing and About.

Still need help?  Please make an  to be addressed by your local Roadshow PPL representative.

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