Roadshow has been working with faith based distributor HERITAGE HM to make available a blanket licence  scheme to the church market. 

This licence and further information is available at

This blanket licence scheme is only available for non-advertised screenings to the congregation on church grounds.  If you wish to have an advertised fundraising and/or community film screening you need to contact your local Roadshow PPL sales representative as a separate licence will be required.


If you have a licence obtained from Christian Video Licensing International (CVLI), we suggest you evaluate your licence in terms of which studios are covered by the licence.  Only the Roadshow PPL / HERITAGE HM scheme has the exclusive support of Warner Bros, Walt Disney, Sony Pictures, Roadshow Films, Icon Film Distribution, StudioCanal, eOne/Hopscotch, Madman, Palace, Rialto, Pinnacle and Transmission.  Films from these studios are not covered under your CVLI licence. 

We recommend you consider obtaining both licences to ensure you have access to a wider range of movie titles.