Retirement Communities, Lifestyle Villages & Aged Care Homes

In a retirement community or lifestyle village where residents generally live in fully equipped self-contained houses or apartments, Roadshow considers cinema facilities or shared lounges which are available for use by all/most residents of the community, to be public living spaces. Accordingly where movies are shown on a regular basis in such cinema facilities or common lounges within the retirement community or lifestyle village, whether arranged by an interested resident or a group of residents/social club or management, then Roadshow considers this will be a public screening and therefore a licence is required.

In an aged care home where residents commonly have private bedrooms only (as opposed to fully equipped apartment facilities with private living rooms), where residents choose to watch a movie on a screen or large TV in a common/shared lounge area and the screening is arranged by the resident (rented or purchased by a resident/s) and mainly watched by residents (rather than guests etc), then Roadshow will not require a public performance licence.

The screening of movies (that is organised by management/operator) to groups of residents in retirement communities and aged care homes, whether in a dedicated cinema, theatrette or through an in-house diffusion system to individual rooms or units, will be considered a public screening and therefore require a licence. Roadshow PPL can provide a blanket licence for these types of screenings in retirement communities, lifestyle villages and aged care homes for common areas but currently cannot provide a blanket licence for diffusion systems/internal networks. Transmission over internal networks requires different licensing and the approval of technical questionnaires focusing on content security. The scheme operates on a calendar year basis and once registered and fees paid, the site is able to purchase its own materials for screening movies to residents.

Please make an  or  contact us, directing your enquiry to the appropriate Roadshow PPL state office, and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.